Logo Design

28 December 2010


Logo design for jewelers emenel

CLIENT: emenel  PROJECT: Logo Redesign  

Mosaic for Park Spoor Noord

9 December 2010

PSN Summer

Detailed section of mosaic (9.5 x 2.6 m) for Park Spoor Noord, Antwerpen

CLIENT: Stad Antwerpen  PROJECT: Mosaic Mural  

Kids’ Book Illustration

8 December 2010

Boy in the Bath

1 of 5 illustrations for the book Boy in the Sandwich, written by Vincent Eaton

CLIENT: Vincent Eaton  PROJECT: Illustrations  

Mosaic: Sportloods All-Inn

18 September 2010

Sportloods 1x1meter

Sportloods 02: Detail

Mosaic artwork created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a Sporthall in Antwerp

CLIENT: Stad Antwerpen  PROJECT: Mosaic  


31 July 2010


Icons designed for wedding invites…based on bride and groom’s interests.

Eat Your Soul

14 July 2010

Eat Your Soul

Illustration for new culinary collection for Culiversum.

COMPANY: Culiversum  PROJECT: Illustration  

Nest Editorial Illustrations

1 July 2010

Nest Kust

Series of illustrations, informing parents of the different games/crafts one can do on the coast with their kids

CLIENT: Nest  PROJECT: Illustrations  

Mosaic for Park Spoor Noord

1 July 2010

Park Spoor Noord

Illustration of mosaic (9.5 x 2.6 m) that will hang above a tunnel leading to Park Spoor Noord

CLIENT: Stad Antwerpen  PROJECT: Mosaic Mural  


7 May 2010

UnbeetableTemporary tattoo illustrated to support Culiversum’s culinary presentations.

CLIENT: Culiversum  PROJECT: Illustration  

Illustrations for Culinary Toolbook

26 April 2010

Culinary Toolbook

Illustrations (cover and inside) for Culinary Toolbook via Culiversum

CLIENT: Culiversum  PROJECT: Book Illustrations